Neolithic Revolution -Betsy

Join my Neolithic Revolution

Join the best Neolithic revolution group ever!! (food)

You should join my tribe because we plant the largest grains and the sweetest fruits which are much healthier. We grow them because we plant them in soil and the soil has nutrients which give some to the plants and come out yummy but we still hunt meat for our bodies too. We stay in one place to get our food faster instead of hunting and sometimes not getting any.
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Domesticating Animals and Plants


To make our farming a bit easier we use domestic animals to help us in carrying things like seeds and our food. We use sheep for their wool in winter to keep us warm and by that time their wool had grown. We also use them to give us milk and other things. We domesticate plants so sometimes we don't have to hunt.
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Staying Settled

The reason why we stay in one place is to get our food easier in case we don't get some when we hunt for meat. Also because people can come and help in farming to get more food so we increase our village to become a town.
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