Unit 2 Vocabulary

Melissa Ung Per.2

American Industrial Revolution

A period that was from the 18th through the 19th century where it had major changes to the agriculture, manufacturing, mining,transport, and technology that had the pro-founded effect of the cultural conditions

Laissez Faire

A French term that means Let Do. Lets the people do what they want and lets things run their own course without any interference.


A large business with a significant market of power and is also referred to as a monoplies.

Robber Baron

It is applied to the 19th century where American Business men would inherit their wealth by a dishonest mean.

Vertical Intergration

Supply of chain where the company will be own by another company.

Horizontal Intergration

A company that will acquires the production units or outputs that have to be similar

Political Machine

An organization that is an authoritative boss or small group has commands that support the corps of supporters

Ellis Island

In 1892 through 1954 it had over 12 million immigrants enter the US through Ellis Island.


It is a run down of an often over crowded house or an apartment that is in a poor section of a large city

Ethnic Enclaves

A geographical area where an ethnic is concentrated.


To favor the native born people over immigrants.

Gilded Age

Time where the US population an economy was corrupted

Social Darwinism

Was a belief where the stronger nations will be able to dominate all weak nations


A process of making an Immigrant American

Populist Party

It Revolt farmers against the democrats for ignoring their problems

Gospel of Wealth

The "Gospel of Wealth was Written by Andrew Carneigie.

Social Gospel Movement

This was a Christian principle that had to do with social problems.


This is a Broad philosophy that is based off of the idea of progress that asserts the advancement in science, technology, etc.


to search out or be public and expose the real or apparent misconduct of a individual or a business.


This is a Broad philosophy that is based off of the idea of progress that asserts the advancement in science, technology, etc.

John D Rockefeller

He invented Standard Oil and he is one of the most wealthiest person in the world and donated money to charity.

Andrew Carnegie

He is known has the guy who is a Scottish American industrialist that let the expansion of the American Steel industry.

JP Morgan

He is a financier, banker, and an art collector who wanted to dominate the corporation of finance and industrial.

Cornelius Vanderbilt

Well known for inventing the railroad for transportation and for shipping.

Thomas Edison

He invented the Light bulb that we use as of today and maybe in the future

Henry Ford

He Invented the Assembly Line. Which lowered the prices for cars

Samuel Gompers

English born American cigar maker who is Georgist labor union leader that is a key figure for the American history figure

William "Boss" Tweed

Politician that was notable for being the boss of Tammany Hall.

Upton Sinclair

Is a US novel writer who argued for social reform

Jacob Rins

Exposed the social and political evils in the US.

Theodore Roosevelt

Referred as Teddy or TR and is an American statesman author,explorer,soldier,naturalist, and reformer who served as the 26th president of the US.

William Taft

American Jurist who served as 27th president of the US and is the 10th Chief for Justice

Meat Inspection Act

Checks for any disease or any misbrand meats

Interstate Commerce Commission(ICC)

An agency in the US that was an act of 1887

Children's Bureau

Is organized under the United States Department of Heath for Children and Families.

Sherman Anti- Trust Act

This passed the law by Congress in the 1890's

16th Amendment

It gives the power of the constitution to let Congress collect the taxes from American's income without the apportioning of the countries.

17th Amendment

Senators will be able to be elected by the people of United States.

18th Amendment

This was passed to ban the sale and drinking of any kind of alcohol in the US

19th Amendment

Passed the right for women rights to vote.