Fast Food Survival Guide

10 tips for a healthier fast food experience

Downgrade your portion sizes

Ordering a regular cheeseburger instead of a double can save you about 140 calories

Choose your protein wisely

Instead of fried or breaded meats, try ordering grilled or lean meats instead. The difference between a grilled chicken sandwich and friend chicken sandwich is usually about 200 calories.

Change up the sides

Instead of going with the fries, try the fruit cup, a side salad (with lite dressing) or a baked potato (without the toppings). Doing this will not only mean less calories, but it will also mean a much lower sodium intake.

Avoid the Soda

A soda can contain up to 300 calories. These extra calories can be avoided by ordering water, unsweetened tea, or coffee.

Order off menu

Do not be afraid to make substitutions in your order that may not be part of the normal menu item. Ask for grilled chicken on the salad instead of the fried chicken or ask to substitute the fries for apple slices.

Go without the condiments

When you order, ask for your food without condiments. Some condiments such as mayonnaise can be a significant source of unneeded calories.

Bring your own sides

If you know you have to eat out, try bringing a piece of fruit with you and eat that instead of ordering fries.

Avoid the bacon

While it is delicious, bacon adds about 80 calories to a burger and you don't get much more food. Order the regular burger instead of the bacon burger.

Cut the cheese

Try ordering a hamburger instead of a cheeseburger. This will save you about 50 calories per slice of cheese.

Be wary of the "healthy options"

Some of the seemingly "healthy options" such as salads can exceed 500 calories due to fried toppings and high sodium dressings. Make sure you read the nutrition information carefully.