By:Carmen Yohana Lira


What if you woke up and everyone was screaming and crying ? I'd go and ask someone ''what in the world going on!'' Volcanoes are land forms. Scientists study volcanoes to get a better understanding of ho they affect people,places,and the environment.

What is a Volcano ?

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How volcanoes are formed is it starts as melted rock called magma starts raising from deep within the earth. They are found in the ring of fire in other words near Japan,North America,South America. Scientists who study volcanoes are called valcanologist. They help people by telling the people by giving them a heads up.

what are the effects of Volcanoes ?


Volcanoes can be a hazard to people,places,and the environment, but they also have

benefits. They are the volcanic gases help create our atmospheres and new land,farmers use dried up lava as soil.