Cougar "Prints"

Week of May 31


We made it!...Well, almost, still have Science for 5th grade and a few make-up assignments. Job well done! I know that you all join me in giving Donna a HUGE round of applause for how well testing has gone thus far.

Moreover, let's celebrate our students! I am hearing story after story how students used strategy taught throughout the year, how they tried their little hearts out, and Jennifer Wallace shared how on a piece of scrap paper one of the student's wrote a note of encouragement to himself that was inspiring him to keep going.

I know that this continues to be a stressful time of the year as we await results, and we will get those to you as soon as we are allowed. Continue to provide quality instruction throughout the rest of year, and develop plans that do not call for the watching of films, series, etc. as we still need to me mindful of summer regression.

I will be out tomorrow celebrating Ansel's first birthday with my entire family, which is the only reason I would ever take a day before I holiday. I know that you all do not get that opportunity, and I take that modeling seriously, but I am sure you all will understand this time around. Please enjoy some of the more humorous cartoons related to testing that I have found over the years.


Shout-out to Ms. Espinoza for being so flexible and helping our two students who are new to the country during the EOG!

Shout-out to Ms. Hedrington for asking questions and looking for ways to make content accessible to her student who is new to the country!

Shout-out Donna! Testing continues to be a huge success.

(If you would like to include a shout-out to someone each week, please let me know by Thursday of each week)

Paperback Book Donations

Please include in your communication to parents that Mrs. Phillips has requested any and all donations of paperback books be sent to the Media Center. If you or your parents are doing any Spring cleaning, please donate those items so they can be sent home with our students this summer.


June 1 - Science EOG

June 1 - Staff Meeting - LAST ONE :)

June 2 - Field Day & STEM Recognition

June 8 - Cumulative Folder Party - 1:30 pm - until finished & PTCO/Administration Luncheon for all Staff starting at 12:30 pm following dismissal.

June 10 - Safe Schools Training - Back Injury - everyone to complete (says slip, trips and falls on EOY checkout)