Queen Elizabet

Liat Nisim and Eden Fried

In the morning...

The Queen's working day begins like many people's - at her desk.

after scanning the daily British newspapers, The Queen reviews her correspondence.

in the end she raed 200-300 (and sometimes many more) letters from the public arrive.

The Queen chooses a selection to read herself and tells members of her staff how she would like them to be answered.

In the afternoon...

The queen often goes out on public engagements.

Such visits require meticulous planning beforehand to meet the hosts' requirements.

Then The Queen carries out around 430 engagements (including audiences) a year, to meet people, open events and buildings, unveil plaques and make speeches

In the eveing...

In a Early evening may see a meeting with the Prime Minister. The Queen has a weekly meeting alone with the Prime Minister, when they are both in London (in addition to other meetings throughout the year).

On some evenings, The Queen may attend a film première, a variety of concert performances in aid of a charitable cause, or a reception linked to organisations of which she is Patron.

next The Queen also regularly hosts official receptions at Buckingham Palace (usually with other members of the Royal Family), such as those for the Diplomatic Corps and The Queen's Award for Industry

Finally the Queen has numerous private interests, which can coincide with her public work, to complete her working day