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Community Workshops

Host a free Mobile Workshop at your organization!

Mobile Workshops

Our team of beauty and health care professionals provides free mobile workshops for middle and high school age girls. We work with schools, organizations, and churches throughout the community to provide an interactive experience for youth. We strive to help girls understand the importance of a healthy mind, body, and soul.


Please note that each of these 1 hour sessions will incorporate a discussion on inner beauty. Perfect for an after school program!

Beauty 101

We will cover natural makeup and skin care techniques.

Beauty and Nutrition

We will cover how to create your own face mask at home. Additionally, girls will learn healthy meals, snacks, and a fitness routine.

Dental and Personal Hygiene

We will cover proper oral care. Additionally, girls will gain knowledge of their body, proper grooming, and the importance of routine doctor visits (breast exams will be discussed).

Beauty and Common Illnesses

We will cover appropriate fashion, self-esteem, and positive body image. Additionally, girls will gain knowledge about STDs (including HIV) and vaccinations.