March 31st, 2016

What's Up in 4th Grade!

SPRING PORTRAITS – LAST CHANCE TO ORDER is Friday, April 1st: If you have already ordered your portraits, thank you! This is the last reminder to order! Please be sure to return your Lifetouch order form or place your order online by Friday, April 1st. No late orders will be accepted at the school and any late orders placed online will incur shipping charges. To order online, go to and enter your Portrait ID and Access Code (from your portrait proof sheet).

Please make sure that your child is reading 20 minutes every night, and recording it in their planner. A parent signature is also required to ensure this process.

Please see the links below for parenting classes offered by PISD in March and April.

Language Arts

Our main story next week is At Home In The Coral Reef where students will understand why oceans cover over 70 percent of Earth's surface, and beneath the waves lies a vast underwater habitat that is home to many unique, or one -of -a -kind, plants and animals.

They will analyze the text structure and organize their information through compare and contrast. They will also delve deeper and learn more about multiple-meaning words.

We will be focusing on r-controlled spelling words next week.


Next week students will complete their study of lines, angles, and shapes. Students will learn to classify quadrilaterals, identify how many lines of symmetry a plane figure has, and explain their reasoning of geometric concepts using generalizations and precise mathematical language. Thursday, April 7th, students will take a test covering this unit on geometry. Your child may begin to review for the test by practicing the concepts and skills presented on pages 823-826. A review test can be found on pages 827-830.

Science and Social Studies

In history, students will learn how people in Texas earned a living in the past. They will be exposed to learning about original brands and branding irons that were difficult to alter by cattle rustlers. Identifying the impact of railroads, students will comprehend the changes in life in Texas including major cities and major industries, and write a sequel from a historical perspective.

Key vocabulary to remember will be reservation and progress.

From the Teachers

  • Reading Logs: 4th grade participates in our Skaggs reading program, The Skaggs Scribe. We require that every student read at least 20 minutes per night and record their time in their planner. Please sign your child's agenda every Friday and students will enter their time on a Google Form where they could win prizes. They may enter this information at school or at home. This is the website students will use to record their minutes:
  • We would like to encourage your child to bring their electronic devices. Electronic devices are being used in all subject areas every day, along with music and art.
  • Be a star for our students and write a check to our PTA. See the information below regarding the Skaggs PTA Check Writing Campaign.
  • A fourth grade website just for parents! You will find links, important information, and much more.

Important Dates

4/5 Student Council Meeting

4/7 Math Assessment

4/30 PTA Carnival

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