In California there is lots of awesome stuff.Disneyland is located in California next to Anaheim.So is Universals Studios is next to Hollywood. Long Beach is in California next to the Pacific Ocean.California is full of awesome stuff so if you are taking a vacation go to California. :)

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Wild California Condors Made Here


They saved Condors from existing .50 or more miles away from the Grand Canyon they fly.The scientist are trying to bring the Condors back.10,000 years ago they were all over America.But 1980 only 20 some Condors existed in the wild.They got gathered up and took to a breeding program .Today in Arizona there are about 63 birds flying.There are could the living fossils and they are SOCIAL BIRDS.They are very very large with wing bands reaching over 9 ½ feet and it is not reaching half feet of its wing.They weigh over 20 pounds.In 1996 scientist began relising Condors.They had them because of the shooting.

California State Song