Jane Eyre

Charlotte Bronte

About the Author

Charlotte Bronte had a similar life to Jane Eyre, the main character in her book. Bronte lost her mother at a young age and was soon after sent to a boarding school. She later taught at the same school she had previously attended as a student. After teaching at the school, Bronte became a governess in two households. She then married a man that she thought very highly of but didn't love. This leads to what intentions she had in writing the book.

Author's Purpose

Having the background knowledge of the author's life, I'm led to believe that in fact Charlotte Bronte is writing the book to share her own personal story and offer advice and encouragement through Jane's trials, mistakes, and genuinely positive experiences.
I have added "Close My Eyes" by Mariah Carey, because it really develops a lot of the same feelings and events that take place Jane Eyre.
Mariah Carey - Close My Eyes (lyrics on screen)