Boeing 707

By: Nikki stafford

Research notes

The Boeing 707 is a podded turbo jet engined narrow bodied airplane created in 1954

and took it's first flight on December 20th, 1957 but that was for the Vietnam war and World War Two aircraft and it started a boom in travel, more people started to fly and only occasionally used a car or train for travel, after the war the US Air Force needed Boeing to make more planes for military use, so the latest Boeing 707 was yet abandoned, though people still used flight as a way of traveling.

The president of Boeing is Walter James McNerny and is current chairman of the Chicago Boeing Company, The main competitors of Boeing is Airbus and McDonald Douglas.

In the making of the 707 was also many Military requests so Boeing came up with an idea, why not make a multi-purpose plane, That is when the 707 became a military plane, it could Carry Weather instruments and enemy radar, it could carry war medics and nurses with wounded soldiers, and carry war soldiers and militants with the platoon Sargent and corporals just to give orders on board, That was when Boeing was a little to busy making war aerial attack planes, but McDouglas did not have trouble making passenger jets.

The Boeing 707 still was a good Airliner so Pan America was busy flying people around along with Qantas Airlines, Their jet fleets had mostly 707's, The 707 was created from the Boeing 367-80 model, but it had no propellers to cut down on the noise to the people that live next to or near the air port.

The Military and airline pilots and personnel had their first taste of flying and enjoyed it, less noise, more comfortable and faster travel, no wonder the 707 had 3,000 hours In the log book.

Eisenhower was president during this time so his private jet was most Likely a 707, but with the United States seal painted on it, though it is owned by the Air Force and is know as Air Force one.