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Week Beginning Monday 12 October

Welcome back everyone!

I hope you have all managed to get some rest and recharge your batteries for what is sure to be a busy final term. We warmly welcome back Zanni after an unexpected absence and Wendy from long service leave. A warm welcome also to Jacqui Lethborg who is returning from Maternity leave. It is great to have Jacqui back and she will be working with Jen on Grade 1 on Fridays. Dawn and Chris will be taking some leave and we welcome Claire Watson, who will be replacing Chris on Grade 5 GA and taking Drama in lieu of Music and Diane will fill in for Dawn in the Library.

October is Connected Educators Month and I have added a link below which reminds us that learning is not just for students. It reinforces that technology is a way of connecting educators and shows a different dimension for learning. See what you think. I have also added an article on technology use that you might find interesting. The thing to remember is that technology is NOT about using computers in the classroom is goes way beyond that - it is a way of providing our students and ourselves with access to world beyond the classroom. Your thoughts welcomed.

Have a great week.

Have a good week,



Briefing 8.25 am

Leadership meeting 9.15 am

LIL B4 Playgroup 9-05 am

Chris Alcock on LSL (2 weeks) - Claire Watson

Dawn Clark on LSL (1week) - Diane


Staff Meeting - Problem Solving PAC


LIL – Gym Fun 9-10 am


Briefing 8.25 am

4KG Excursion to Brickendon

Grade 6 NAP Science Assessment practice in the Superlab with Helen

Staff meeting - Problem Solving planning

Alison Brooks - Hobart Education Symposium


Pauline Murgatroyd - LSL - Fiona Beament

Amy Jury - PL - Robyn Smedley

Helen Peart - PL - Jane Upson

Alison Brooks - Hobart Education Symposium

LLI Reading Groups

Jo D's groups will commence on Tuesday

Zanni H's groups will commence on Friday

A new timetable for term 4 has been sent to teachers whose students will continue in LLI

Problem Solving

Our focus this term is the explicit teaching of Problem Solving strategies in grades 2-5. TA support will be provided to support each class a lesson during this time. Further information will be given at briefing on Monday.

Music and Choir

As Chris is away Claire Watson will be relieving Chris and taking Dram in lieu of Music. Please noter there will be no choir practice in weeks 1 or 3 of term 4.


Esk Band


While Dawn is on leave, Diane will be in the library to assist classes with borrowing and all first aide requirements are to be sent to the office.

Sun Safety

As we have commenced Term 4 it is time to remind students that hats are required for sun safety when outside for breaks, PE or games.


An up to date duty roster and specialist timetable are in your pigeon holes and on the intranet. Please check for any changes that may effect you.

Flexible Learning Programs

Please check the next timetable sent out at the end of term 3 to make sure you are aware of the which students are involved in these programs and the day/time.

Learning Plans

A reminder for those people contacted by Jane, their IEP's that require updating need to be completed by the end of week 3.


Please keep updating your PDPs as we will be meeting early in the term to sign off evidence and reflect on goals.

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Connected Educators
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