Clinton v.s Trump


Leadership Qualities

She was the First Lady when her husband was President of the United States.

She has been a U.S. Senator and Secretary of State.


Clinton believes in global warming and wants to limit pollution and toxic spills.

She believe that immigrants are welcome to the United States no matter their religion, race, or color.

She doesn't want to take away our guns. She wants to limit gun ownership for people with mental illness.

She believes in free trade from all over the world to help the economy but with inspection.

Clinton believes in gender equality including gay marriage, transgender, and protecting people's civil rights.


She has a law degree from Yale.

She was the first female partner in her law firm.

She was First Lady of Arkansas when her husband was the governor.

She was the U.S. Senator from New York.

She served as the Secretary of State. She traveled all over the world and helping countries negotiate peace treaties.


Leadership Qualities

Trump can rally a crowd easily to support him.

He's the CEO of Trump Industries.

He's confident and has strong opinions.


Trump believes that global warming is a hoax and made up by the Chinese.

Trump wants to limit immigration and keep no American citizens out due to terrorism.

He wants everyone to access to guns and the right to bear arms.

He wants to close trade routes and limit free trade.

He claims that he works well with women and loves gays.


Trump knows how to run a business and oversee many people.

He has an econimics degree from Wharton School of Business.

He has a university where people can learn how to manage money.

He has political supporters.