Syrian Civil War

Taylor Tysinger, Levi Cline, Ben Dorsey

When and Where did the Civil War happen?

  • Started In March, 2011. Still going to this day.
  • Started in Syria.

What Started the Syrian Civil war

  • Began due to anti government protest across the arab world.
  • Enspired by the fall of the Tunisian regime in early 2011
  • Main cause, anger over unemployment
  • corruption and state violence under of the middle East most Repressive regimes.

Who Is Involved?

  • Two Groups, Bashar al-assad vs. Free syrian army and other terroist groups.
  • Bashar al-assad is the current president of Syria.
  • The Free Syrian Army is a group of rebels in Syria.
  • The Free Syrian army wanted the current regime out of Offiice

Effects of the Civil War

  • Within the last 22 months, the Syrian Economy has lost 48.4 Billion Dollars.
  • Over 110000 people have died from the conflict.
  • Many cities have been destroyed and left in ruins.
  • Many men, woman and children have been killed due to the war also.

Lasting Effects of the War

  • Thousands of Families left homeless.
  • Families are now refuges in many neighboring countries.
  • Thousands of Cities lay in ruins.