The Promise

By: Jackie French Koller

summary of the book

Matt and Jamie's mother had passed away. So for christmas they are going to their dads house. Their dad decided to buy a yellow Labrador Retriever for christmas. Jamie and Matt just loved that dog. When their dad says they should let the dog out Jamie decides to go with Sara (the dog). Jamie loses track of where sara went. the dog starts barking and growling at a BEAR. Jamie could hear the bear screaming and howling at sara. Sara are you okay, come girl, says Jamie as she runs to get her father. She gets her dad and matt and she tells them that sara is getting mauled by a bear. Her dad gets his gun and grabs matt. Jamie is already looking for sara. Jamie finds her lying there. Jamie takes off her coat and wraps it around sara. She calls for her dad and he is there in a flash. He starts searching for the bear and finally found it and killed it. Matt and Jamie walked back to their house and were taking good care of sara.

why someone should read this

it is a very interesting book. I would suggest it to anybody who likes animals.
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