Crossing the Red Sea

Exodus 14:1 15:3

the story

After Moses freed the Israelite's for Egypt they found them self boxed between the red sea and the advancing Egyptian army. He prayed to the lord to safe them. the sea parted and Moses along with the Israelite's crossed and the sea closed back in drowning the Egyptians there because of their heavy Armour and horses


Who-Moses, the Jewish people, Egyptians

What-They escape Egyptians army across the Red sea

Where-ancient Egypt, Red sea.


How-Moses led the freed Hebrews to the red sea where he got down and pray for a miracle or else they would slaughter them all. God answered the pray and parted the sea for long enough for them to cross

lessons we learn and symbols

we learn that in time of need god will if help if you show faith to him and that if we trust in god for deliverance he will come thoughs . A symbol of this story could be a staff because Moses used it to pray and part the seas for the Exodus

truths and literacy forms

the literacy forms found is history and myths because it tells the story of the freeing of the Israelite's from Egypt. the types of truths are historical because of the freeing of the Israelite's and religious because it showed the relationship of between Moses and god