At Long Lash!!

(you've been waiting....)

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After THREE years of development, Beautycounter launched mascara this week!

Since I started with Beautycounter, I can't tell you how many people have asked if we have mascara. Probably everyone...probably you! The best part is, we were told it could never be done. It only took us 3 years to prove the industry wrong. From the length of time it took us to develop, you can see that this is a tough product to make when you choose to NOT use any ingredients that have been linked to adverse side effects. And this is exactly what we did. 0 questionable ingredients.

What we have launched yesterday is a genuine breakthrough. We have a custom designed brush that helps to lengthen and define your lashes as well as a buildable formula that allows you to give a natural or dramatic look, all from the same product.

94% reported instantly defined and lengthened lashes
97% reported that mascara did not flake
94% reported that mascara did not clump
94% reported that mascara multiplied the look of lashes

94% reported that mascara felt weightless on lashes

*Results based on a self-assessment consumer perception study of 32 women, immediately after first application.

I've been lucky enough to wear this mascara for the past week and I'm literally in awe that I can put this on and be good for the whole day! I've used "safer" mascara for the last year and was never totally satisfied, but I lived with it because I knew my body was happier. No more sacrificing over here...beautiful long lashes and safe ingredients. Check!

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Helpful Hint: I only need 4 things to leave the house...Mascara...and the 3 things below. No fuss make up, but you are ready for anything!

One way to make a healthier choice this month:

Now that the snow is gone and our kids are running through yards and the streets again...think about removing shoes before coming into the house. Most toxins in our homes are tracked in through our shoes. Easy fix...take your shoes off and leave the toxins outside. Those gross little buggers don't deserve to be in your beautiful, happy, healthy home anyway. :)