The Western Frontier

By: Will Robarge

Western Frontier Summative Assessment

The Western expansion was all about was all about the western folks moving west. They were moving west because they wanted to find specific things. They wanted to gain and and they wanted to gain more money and they wanted to have and find more and bigger land. I will be explaining the answer to has the cost of enlarging a nation overridden the value of human life?Also in the paragraphs I will be writing about how Manifest Destiny took a big part in the western expansion.

The western expansion took a big part in has the cost of enlarging a nation overridden the value of human life because they wanted to move out west to find more land and to make more money. When they were moving out west there was a lot of battles between the western folks and the Indians. The Indians were mostly the ones who started the battles because they didn't want the western people to take over their land. But the western people wanted their land because there was a bigger selection of gold throughout the land. That's when of course the gold Rush was going on. The gold rush is when they were all mining to get gold lots and lots of gold and silver. But there was a reason why they were doing this it's because every time they found gold or silver They would get payed of how much they found. So they really didn't get payed that much digging for gold became a chunk of gold was only 2 dollars there and a big chunk was 6 dollars. So they didn't get payed that much.

Also when we watched the movie Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee that was about a group of Indians who were living in the west and that was there land. So they wanted to stay there until the whites came after them and told them they couldn't stay there that's when the whites started a battle with the Native Americans To get the heck out of their land because in the mountains that they were staying at there was a lot of gold. So they wanted the Indians to get off the land so that they could mined for the gold so they could make money for the gold that they mine. And in the end the Indians get defeated and they have another battle and all the other Indians that were alive end up getting killed. Just because the whites wanted the land for the god and the silver. Also in the end the Indian boy grows up and goes back to where the Indians had their first battle and he threw his feather and his chiefs necklace inside the river.

In the end, the cost of enlarging a nation overridden the value of human life was all about a group and how they developed over the time periods. I learned that the Indians really did not have a good life I our world because they were treated with so much disrespect. And every time in the movie the Indians would always get threatened by the whites and that is not right.

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