Curriculum and Workshop Updates

Curriculum Updates and Workshop with Technology Integration

Lipstick Introduction

Once you have selected your lipstick type, please scan the Lipstick QR Code below. When the screen pops up, click on your lipstick to reveal the type of personality you possess.

Once you find your personality type, please click on the Padlet QR Code to tell us more about yourself.

Lipstick URL:

Padlet URL:

Curriculum Updates

YAG and Scope & Sequence

  • Shift from 6 weeks to 9 weeks grading periods
  • Major Categories
  • Membean Vocabulary

Grading Connection

Minimum Assignments - 3 major (test/project) and 8 minor (homework/quiz/daily)

Percentage Breakdown - 50% major and 50% minor

Please check the Grading Guidelines for more detailed information.

Screenings and CBAs

  • Moving from Read Naturally Fluency Screener and MAZE to iStation ISIP
  • CBA Benchmarks (more information to come)

Additional Information can be found on the Scope and Sequence

(listed on the top section of each grading period)

Workshop Updates

New Resources

Lucy Calkins Units of Study in Argument, Information, and Narrative Writing Middle School Series Bundle, Grades 6-8

Electronic Resources

These documents can be found in the G: Drive in the Language Arts DND folder. Inside that folder, click on EIS Resources.

Technology Integration

Apps to Download

QR Reader

DaVinci Note
Simple Mind

Tell About

Write About

Blogs and Websites to Follow

Engaging and Inspiring Writers with Technology:

Tools That Make IT Click Blog:

Augmented Reality in the Classroom:

Ways to Use Technology With Our Curriculum

Blogging with Historical Fiction

Allow students to discuss with other Historical Fiction Book Club members through a blog.

Mrs. Aldridge's Blog using Kid Blog:

Google Forms for Greek Mythology

Allow students to vote for the best Campaign Speech Presentation during the voting portion of the Greek Mythology Unit.

Greek Mythology Google Form:

Getting to Know You with Padlet

Allow students to use Padlet as a virtual post-it note to tell more about themselves.

Padlet Wall:


Go to Today's Meet and leave any questions you have for our Curriculum Coordinator.