WCSD Digital Citizenship Spotlight

News, Resources and Knowledge - Volume 2 February 2018

What is the Spotlight?

The spotlight is a newsletter and resource guide that will continue to provide a toolkit of resources related to the changing world of technology. The goal is to help share information with community, teachers and students so we can navigate the digital age and promote continuous learning and compassionate and joyful use of technology.

Freedom to Choose

“Our greatest freedom is the freedom to choose our attitude.”

― Viktor E. Frankl

Our present reality is that we live in a world of increasing accelerations. The pace of change coupled with world events can produce anxiety leading to confusion, frustration and a sense of being overwhelmed. The quote from Viktor Frankl helps to keep me focused on choosing my attitude toward collaborative knowledge sharing. The impetus for creating this shared resource was the belief that we can work together to create a better culture for our community.

My roles as a school counselor, assistant principal and now director of technology uniquely position me to shine a spotlight on resources and issues regarding human and technological interactions. The recent school shooting in Parkland, Florida can leave us angry, confused and feeling helpless. We can freely choose to share this opportunity to collectively work on our culture so that our kids can help create a better one.

The articles, resources and question forum in this newsletter will provide starting points for parents and teachers to work through these issues. From my lens as a parent I continually need to learn and grow through these exponential times. The shared knowledge we can have as a community will ultimately benefit our students and our community at large. What attitude will you choose to bring into the discussion? What attitude would we like our children to bring to their community?