Runners the test taking strategy by Jeffery

What is Runners

Runners is a test taking strategy that has been used many times. The R in runners stands for read the title. U in runners means to underline the questions and key words in the passage. The N in runners means to number the paragraphs. The second N in runners means to now you have to read the passage. The E in runners means to enclose clues in the text. The R in runners means to read the questions. The S in runners means to slash out the wrong answers in the questions.

What Runners Helps for

Runners are used to take tests and to show what you should do while taking the test. You should always use this, If you follow these steps you are sure to succeed on the test.
R.U.N.N.E.R.S.- Racing Towards Reading Success

How to Apply Runners

You should Always read the title first, the title hints to what the story is about.

When you underline the key words in questions it tells you what you are looking for.

You should always number the paragraphs. Read the passage. You should underline key words in the text. Reread you should know the story better when you reread. Slash out the wrong answers to know there not correct.