Fifth Grade Newsletter

It's the start of a great year!

Teacher Introduction

Hello parents and guardians, my name is Elizabeth Allen. Your son or daughter is in fifth grade this year and I am their teacher. I graduated from the University of Houston with my Bachelors in Education; a degree in early childhood through sixth grade, and special education through twelfth. Teaching and education are passions of mine and I hope that you will see that reflect this year in your children.

Parent Involvement

I hope that all the parents and guardians will be as involved as they can be in the education of their children. Over the course of this year students will receive a few assignments they may need your help or motivation. I really want to encourage parents to regularly check their child's homework and keep track of their assignments. Showing your children that you care about their education is the best to to ensure their success in school! Picture Credit
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First Week of School

The first week of class we will focus on introductions, classroom organization, procedure, and of course refreshing our minds to get ready for new information! Some of us may have spent the summer studying but I know a lot of us were snoozing. Hopefully what we review the first week is recognizable to students and if is it not we know where to start. Students will also be going home with a list of supplies that will be recommended for this year, they are not required to buy their own but if they do not they will be sharing with another student. Picture Credit
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Field Trips This Year

This year the fifth grade will be going on two field trips. The first field trip is coming up October 18th, to the Old McDonald's Farm. While students are learning about life cycles and ecosystems this activity will be fun and engaging for the end of the unit. More information will be posted as it becomes available

Contact Information

Since I encourage parental involvement so much it only seems appropriate that parents can get in contact with me whenever necessary. I will be available for one on one meetings during my planning period but those appointments should be made ahead of time. Other than that, email is the best way to get a hold of me, my email is; Of course I will only respond during my planning period and out of school hours. Picture Credit
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