Stop Child Abuse in its Tracks

Indicators and Information for Preventing Child Abuse

What Does Child Abuse Look Like?

Physical Abuse: Behavioral Indicators:

- discomfort around adults

-fear of going home

-reports of injury by parents

Physical Abuse: Physical Indicators:

-bruises. welts, or bites

-lacerations to the skin



-injuries to the head

Neglect: Behavioral Indicators:

-begging or stealing food

-extended stays at school



Neglect: Physical Indicators:



-inappropriate dress for the weather

Sexual Abuse: Behavioral Indicators:


-acting out

Sexual Abuse: Physical Indicators:

-difficulty sitting/walking

-torn/stained undergarments

-difficulty or refusal to use the bathroom

-pain or itching around the genitals

Concerned about a child in your life?


Mandated Reporter Hotline:


For more information on child abuse and how to report it, visit the New York State Office of Children and Family Services' website at: