Mount Olympus Presidential Election

Vote for Athena And for Vice president Pegasus

President's Strength

1. Athena is very strong

2. She is Zeus's favorite child.

3.She is the god of wisdom.

4.She likes planning war strategist.

5. She is good at hand craftsmen ship and agricultural

1. Athena is strong

This will help because if she is strong she can protect the city from harm and danger. This will also help if the city needs help with something like building quicker. Like when she was the guardian of Athens which mean she can protect a city. Also when Athena and Hera fought in the Trojan war and they fought Paris and won.

2.She is Zeus's favorite child

This makes her Zeus's most trusted child and that means that Zeus would have faith in her because she is worthy and trusted. She is so trusted with Zeus that she is allowed to use his lightning bolts. She was trusted by Perseus that he gave her Medusa's head so her head can go on Athena's armor

Vice President Strength

1. He can't be heard when walking

2. He is the sign of peace

3. Can fly

4. Can be a deliver items

1. He can't be heard when walking

This can help the president because if she is endangered he can grab her away from danger. He can also cheek up on someone and see what evil they are doing.

4. Can deliver Items

He can deliver weapons while in war and deliver news like Hermes. He also gave Zeus his Lightning bolts to him in battle so Zeus actually trust the Pegasus.

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