nails,hair,skin,makeup,eye brow, more.........

Geting started in cosmetology

First step you go to hight school try to sign up in hight school...Then you do programs in hight school so you will know a little bit about being a cosmtology.... After you have did all the program go to collage and sign up and when you get in there you will take a few class like one for hair,nails,skin,makeup, that will be some of them then take some on your language.


Will i need a ged or a diploma... It depends on what city you live in but most of the time you need on so they will know you know about cosmetology also if you dont have a ged then you can not get a job...



Do i have to pay the school......... how much do i make?????

when you get done with everthang you have to pay money back for all the school you took all year it will cost you about 172.62 and most of the time you make 22500 a year and cosmetologys people will talk money out every mouth so you can start paying back for the schooling .

When you take your classs

When you go for your class everybody will get a kik with shears,clippers,brushes,blow dryer,irons,mannequin,and more. The reson you need the kit because you will have to put makeup and hair nails on mannequins. Also once you become a cosmetology you can still use all the stuff you get from school in your own store.