Community Kickout!

By Poppy

Comment on the Communities

Last Week, our Prime Minister Tony Abbott made a comment about people living in remote areas. He said that parents should be in a place where they can work and children should be in a place of education. This one comment made a lot of people start to ponder.

The Community opinion

Biridu is a community in Western Australia and they love to be out in the bush. Many people said that Biridu is their home and its an easy escape from from the busy town, but 150 communitys in WA are about to become closed off so that people will have to move in to town and the Prime Minister has even agreed with this decision.

Struggles of a remote area

While in remote areas, getting things like doctors, power and education are very hard to access. Tony Abbott says that somethings you can only get in a town, especially if you cant afford to pay extra money to gain access to these things.