Ditgital Citizenship Project

Kylie G. P.5

Rule #1: Digital Etiquette

THINK before you post: Do not post images of other people without there permission because it can be very personal to other people and maybe they just don't want that information floating around.

Rule #2: Informational Privacy

NEVER give away personal information: You should never put out personal information or give it to a random stranger because they can spam you and use your information to use all of your money and take over accounts.

Rule #3: Social Nerworking

Use social networks privately: Only let people you know on your account because you can get things that you don't want on your computer or device.

Rule #4: Online Safety

Always use a hidden user name: You should always use a hidden user name so that no information about you gets out. Also it's probably not the best idea to give out your password.

Rule #5: Cyber Bulling

DON'T be a cyber bully: Cyber bulling is wrong and hurt someones feelings a lot and even cause damage. Also always save that information because if you show that to an adult they can help you and report that person.

Rule #6 plagiarism

DON'T use other peoples words: Plagiarism is when you copy down other peoples words to use in a project and so that it technically isn't your project because it's not your words unless you put quotations around that phrase.

Rule #7 copyright

Something that CAN NOT be used if owned: Copyright is art, music and or documents that are owned by other people and can not be used by a stranger with out permission.

What's digital citizenship and why is it nessecary for everyone to use?

Digital citizenship is a list of seven rules. The rules are pretty simple. Ther rules are digital etiquette, informational privacy, social networking, online safety, cyber bullying,plagiarism, and last but not least copyright. All of these rules are very important to keep in mind when using the Internet because bad things can happen when you don't fool ow those rules. It's important that everyone uses digital citizenship because like I said if these rules aren't followed there can be consequences like maybe suing if you plagiarize someone's work or don't follow the instructions for copyright. It's very important that when we go online we keep these simple seven rules in mind just to be on the safe side.