Remember the Titans

Perseverance shown

The Beginning to a Courageous Story

This story takes place in Alexandria,Virginia at T.C. Williams High School when the school unites African-American and white students into the same school. They have to be able to concentrate and get past fact that they have different skin color. It was harder for others to connect , but then they all realized they are all human and enjoy the same things, football for one. Also, with a head coach that is African-American and a white assistant coach there bond is able to set a good example for the players. They all have the same goal to win a state title!

New Head Coach Causes a Community to be Angry

In remember the titans, the new head coach, Coach Herman Boone, is African-American that has no tolerance for disrespectful comments and people who lack off. His skin color and his stubbornness gives him a role in the Alexandria, Virginia community as a disrespectful man. His appearance causes white parents, faculty, and students to disrespect him. After they witness how articulate of a coach he is they start to build a gain of trust from him. They all continue to respect him as if he was a father figure to them.

Players Find Themselves Against Each Other

When an all black school shuts down with no other option to go anywhere else the black students join an all white school, T.C. Williams High School. This situation causes the white students to discriminate them and judge them without getting to know them. When the summer football camp/training begins the players are very spread out. All the white players have their own " clique " and all the black players have their own " clique ". As a challenge, set up by the coaches, they have assign the players with someone of a different ethnic group. Once they absorb the feelings of having a roommate of a different race they realize it is not any different then spending time with someone the race as you. They all go through thick and thin during the camp pushing to the limit every single day. After the camp is over they treat each as if they were brothers.

The History of the Football Team

In 1971, T.C Williams High School integrates black students into there school. That situation causes the all white community to freak out. First the football training starting up in the summer with a whole new team, the white and black students have to learn how to play with each other through every situation life gives them. It comes down to the wire for them to get fully prepared for the football season , but with perseverance they are able to get in shape in time. All the coaches,players, and even the fans had the same goal,to win a state title. With great wins and outstanding quick game winning plays they were able to pull out many wins. Finally comes the state title game. They were able to win with perseverance and leadership even with there star player Gerry Bertier paralyzed.
Connection Moment

The players learn how to work together and learn how to be great friends putting there race behind themselves.