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WAKE UP AMERICA! New Light or Old Light?

George Whitefield, a minister from Britain who toured America to spread the word of the Lord, is a powerful pastor preaches the New Light, a new religion spreading through US. This movement is called, "The Great Awakening". However, there are many who still preach the Old Light, such as Jonathan Edwards. He is worried that we are becoming to interested in "worldly matters". What do you think?

Roanoke Mystery

The Roanoke Colony was founded in 1585, but mysteriously disappeared. Supply ships should have come with food, but Britain was busy fighting a war and they didn't arrive until three years later. What they did find was a skeleton and a log with one word carved onto its surface: Croatoan. The word's meaning is unknown, and how the colony disappeared without a trace remains a mystery. Some say they built a ship to sail home and it crashed; others say they merged with a friendly native american tribe and their blood lives on to this day. It may remain a mystery forever.

By Aubri Quillen

5th Period GT Soc. Studies. with Mrs. Senter.