Cavalier Caller (Parent Edition)

Vol. 25 LTHS Week of 01/29/18 to 02/04/18

Normal schedule this week!

Cav Parent Nation,

Thank you, parents, for the tremendous turnout for the Cavalier Showcase. We enjoy highlighting the tremendous programs our school has to offer your student. If you have any questions about particular classes or extracurriculars please reach out to our assistant principals or counselors.

This week is a grade check for students to gain eligibility. Grade Check will occur on Wednesday afternoon. Remember, if you have any questions about grades or assignments, please don't hesitate to contact our incredible teachers.

I had the opportunity to see some our students perform academically, athletically, and in fine arts. If I can be transparent for a minute, sometimes I get a little worn out from the different nighttime events, but was blown away by the talented students we have walking our halls. Lake Travis is a special place with special students, parents and LTISD staff. I am so humbled to be a part of this great community.

Have a great week!

Gordon Butler, Principal

Now that Christmas has come and gone...

We are still collecting clothing for some of our students in need. Professional clothing for boys and girls as well as any regular clothing your teen may have outgrown. You can drop these items off at the Main and Annex Offices anytime. Thank you for showing that tremendous Cav Spirit of giving!

Attendance Issues?

If your student is not in compliance with the 90% attendance rule as mandated by the state of Texas, he or she will be in danger of not earning credit for a class even if they pass the class or worse not graduate.

How can your student fix this issue? They can attend our Saturday morning attendance camps, work for a non-profit, bring in a letter from the organization listing the hours worked and signed by someone in leadership from the organization (please note hours used for Cavs In Service or NHS are not allowed). Please see your AP for details.

Attendance Camp Dates:

February 3rd, 2018

February 24th, 2018

March 3rd, 2018

March 31st, 2018

April 7th, 2018

April 21st, 2018

May 12th, 2018

May 19th, 2018

Below are the links for signing up for sessions and a link to the attendance petition forms if you have medical documentation for your absences. Thank you for being diligent and working towards making up your hours!

Saturday Make Up Sessions

Attendance Petition Form

Project Graduation Parent Dinner

Tickets are on sale now for the Project/Guardian Dinner on February 11th. This is a fun night out with incredible night with a live and silent auction. See the link below for details. All proceeds go to supporting Project Graduation.

Challenge #18

This week's challenge is deep...see how many days in a row you can see tell your child to have a great day at school. Even though these teenagers shave and drive, nothing beats having mom or dad telling them to have a good day. Remember high school today is hard!

Meet Ms. Lucy Metz!

What do you do at LTHS… I currently teach Algebra 1 and Algebra 2 PAP.

How long have you been at LTHS… This is my 14th year teaching at LTHS and my 20th year in teaching.

The best thing about working in education is… being part of that moment when students realize their potential and experience a success that they either didn't think they could achieve or were very reluctant to try.

If you were not in education… I initially started my college career in Biomedical Engineering. Plans changed, and I ended up in teaching. I have loved teaching for the last 20 years, but I could definitely see myself in a job that revolves around biomedical engineering. (Or maybe a WWE Diva.)

A unique fact about me… is that I have spent the last two summers road trippin' across the country and have discovered a love of hiking and spending time in nature.

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Meet Mr. Jessie Burnham

What do you do at LTHS

I teach English IV and Research/Technical Writing

How long have you been at LTHS…

This is my first year at LTHS. I began the year as a long-term substitute teacher and had the good fortune of becoming a member of the staff in December.

The best thing about working in education is…

The opportunity to work with phenomenal people and that, while facilitating the personal growth of students, I am also afforded the chance to continually develop my learning and growth.

If you were not in education…

I would be living a life unfulfilled, but also either continuing my education in law school or enrolled within a culinary arts program.

A unique fact about me…

Before returning to school to complete my degree in education six years ago, I co-managed a service company, with my brother, in the oil and gas industry of West Texas for twelve years.

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Lake Travis High School Kids Doing Great Things...

Congrats to our Varsity and JV Girls' LAX teams for placing in the top four in their division at the Aggieland tournament!

The Lake Travis Speech and Debate Team had an extremely successful weekend at this local tournament, winning 4th Place Sweeps. Here are the results from the tournament: (in alphabetical order)

Kara Buckner - 6th in DI

Christy Caudle - 2nd in Poetry, 3rd in Prose, 5th in HI

Jacob Clemmons - Quarterfinals in PF (with S. Piwonka)

Caden Douglass - 2nd in PF (with A. Maione)

Clara Horton - 5th in DI, 5th in Prose

Curtis Gerstner - 5th in Prose, 6th in Poetry

Beckett Larcher - 5th in DX

Kalea Levy - 5th in Poetry

Angela Maione - 2nd in PF (with C. Douglass)

Tommy Manbeck - 1st in NPF (with E. Wells)

Evan Margiotta - 4th in FX

Blake Ochoa - 3rd in DX, Quarterfinals in LD, Top Speaker in LD

Sydney Piwonka - Quarterfinals in PF (with J. Clemmons)

Jack Silbert - 2nd in FX, 7th in Congress

Melania Treviño - 5th in NX

Elise Wells - 1st in NPF (with T. Manbeck)

Congrats to our Swimmer and divers who advanced to regionals!

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DECA Project, bring your pet supplies to the Main or Annex Offices.

Did you know?

We have a Lake Travis HS Polo Team and they are pretty good!

From left to right
Coach Dr. Amanda Massey
Junior Victoria Suss
Sophomore Cami McVaney
Sophomore Tori Mast
Team Captain senior Abi McVaney

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What's Good at LTHS This Week!

Monday, January 29th, "B" Day

Boys BB vs Elgin Here, JV Red, 6pm

Musical "The Wedding Singer", PAC, 7pm

Tuesday, January 30th "A" Day

Soccer Boys @ Westlake, JV White/JV Black/Varsity, 4:30pm/5:45pm/7:30pm

Soccer Girls JV White @ Wimberley, 5:30pm

Soccer Girls vs Westlake Here, JV Black @ 5:45pm/Varsity @ 7:30pm

Girls BB @ Westlake, 9th-A/JV/Varsity, 5:15pm/5:30pm/7pm

Boys BB vs Westlake Here, 9th Blk/JV Blk/9th Red/Varsity, 5:15pm/6pm/6:30pm/7:30pm

Wednesday, January 31st, "B" Day w/CAV Time

Career Prep Class @ Palmer Events Center, 9am-2pm

Wrestling JV/Varsity Girls & Boys vs Cedar Park Here, 6pm (Senior Night)

Thursday, February 1st, "A" Day

HOSA Students @ Capitol Day

Golf Girls @ Lampasas Invite, Hancock GC

Fiddlers Perform @ Lakeway Activity Center, Noon

Friday, February 2nd, "B" Day

HOSA Students @ Capitol Day

Girls Golf @ Lauren Johnson Invite, Victoria CC

Girls Golf @ Vanessa Close, Bridlewood GC (Flower Mound)

Soccer Boys vs Lehman Here, JV White/JV Black/Varsity, 4:30pm/5:45pm/7:30pm

Soccer Girls @ Lehman, JV Black/Varsity, 5:45pm/7:30pm

Girls BB vs Lehman Here, 9th-A/JV/9th-B/Varsity, 5:15pm/6pm/6:30pm/7:30pm

Boys BB @ Lehman, 9th Blk/JV Blk/9th Red/Varsity, 5:15pm/6pm/6:30pm/7:30pm

Saturday, February 3rd

Girls Golf @ Lauren Johnson Invite, Victoria CC

Girls Golf @ Vanessa Close, Bridlewood GC (Flower Mound)

Debate Tournament @ Jack C Hays HS

Winterguard @ Georgetown HS Contest


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Quote of the Week...

The kids that need the most love, will ask for it in the most unloving ways.