Mrs. Lee's Kindergarten News

April 21,2016

We have Butterflies!

Exciting news from our class: Our Butterflies have started to emerge from their chrysalis! We have loved watching our caterpillars grow and form chrysalis! Now we have three butterflies. Next week we will let them go free once all have emerged.

We continued our study of insects this week and have lots of important facts! Ask us to share what we know! We can even sing you a song about the parts of an insect.


Click on this link:

Please take a look at the important dates listed below. I really hope that all our Mom's can attend the Mom's and Muffins on May 5th. Please make sure to return the invitation so we can verify your attendance! We hope to make this a very special morning for all of our mom's!

April dates:

April 29th- Family Fun night at Kedron. 5-8, Run the Gauntlet with your family and friends!


May 5th , Thursday 8:00- Mom's and Muffins (Moms please plan on coming and enjoying some treats and tributes!

May 6th - Academic fair Day! Fun stations all day, Check the PTO newsletter to look for ways to volunteer and help support this fun day for our students!

May 10th - Kindergarten Bubble Day! Parents are invited to come and join in the fun as we play outside all morning! We will be looking for supplies, volunteers to man some stations, and ride on scooters for the students to enjoy during the morning. More information to come. Please contact Mrs. Beck if you would like to help out for this fun event.

May 20th - Final day of school. Kindergarten party in the morning. More details to come.

Please sign up to help make the end of the year fun for your child! Thank you!

A look back and ahead...

This week our caterpillars formed their chrysalis . We have now moved them to our butterfly house. They should emerge during our last week of school!

The students really enjoy presenting as our scientist. Please contact me if you need to change a date or need an idea. You are welcome to bring in or do a small experiment with the class. Just let me know if I need to plan on extra time.

Keep on reading at home, We will continue to learn new words and introduce rules for spelling. We will start to talk about long vowels and learn some of the basic rules for sounding out these new words. Ask your student about the rule for the silent e.

Our Math focus will concentrate on the different seasons and the months of the year.

I have introduced the children to a new reading program that they can play at home on your computer. It is called, Teach your monster to read. Some students have had a chance to begin using the program at school and may continue at home. I have set all the children up with an account. No password. They only need to type in their first name.

The link above will take your child directly to the page for our class. The students only need to type in their first name (ex.adi).

Many thanks to Jackie Beck for providing us with a fun snack!

So proud of all the students that have achieved their AR goal! We will soon have 100% of the class on the board at school!

Needs:Please sign up to help with our Bubble Day activities May 10th! Look for an email from Mrs. Beck!

Reminder of our schedule of specials:


Tuesday: Music

Wednesday: PE

Thursday: PE

Friday: Art