Save the Unicorns of the Sea!

What are Narwhals?

Narwhals are tusked whales. Due to over hunting they're population is falling. These mythical animals live in packs in the Arctic Ocean between the polar ice caps. They're body shape being slim keeps the narwhal at a warm tepiture. Narwhals are small for whales being 16 feet long and weighing about 1.8 tons, females being slightly smaller. They communicate by using sonar pulses.Narwhals are blueish with white sploshes.

More Narwhal Facts

Food chain notes

Narwhals hunt in packs. Their diet consists of fish, squid, shrimp and other animals. However, narwhals are prayed upon by polar bears, orcas, sharks and walrus. We are hunting them to extinction for there tusks meet and blubber.


To survive the polar climate narwhals Have a slim body to hold in heat and to move faster. Narwhals are marine mammals that breath oxygen. They need to fast to dive and come back up to the gaps in the polar ice caps. There tusks are another adaptation that is used for defense and social reasons. The tusk is really an over grown tooth that grows through the jaw out. Some narwhals can have two tusks.