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Welcome to the first Language Acquisition Specialist Ledger. I am so excited to be your L.A.S. here at College Street! I have met with many of you to discuss your LEP students and how I can support you and them in your classroom instruction.

Through this bulletin I plan to share with you information about topics such as language acquisition, technology integration, 21st century education, and parent engagement.

I am looking forward to a year of growth and learning, as we collaborate to help our students achieve academic success.


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Accountable Conversation Questions

One way to increase student engagement and achievement in the classroom is to have accountable conversation questions. Create this chart with the students. Model the way students can use the chart questions when they are unsure about what to say when called on by the teacher. Students should know that they do not have to say "I don't know." Instead, they can ask for more information, or the assistance of a a friend.

Seidlitz, J. (2011). Sheltered instruction plus . (p. 56). San Clemente, CA: Seidlitz Education

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Content Objectives and Language Objectives

Attached you will find an edcanvas on CO's and LO's. It is a collection of videos, documents, pictures and websites for you to explore that give you great information on objectives.

Check it out!


Thank you for taking the time to read this. Email me the difference between a CO and a LO. The first correct response will win a Starbucks/Sonic drink of their choice. :)

Technology Integration

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