May 29, 2020

Dear JBD Families,

And just like that, it was June! It's exciting that Virginia Beach is opening for business! At JBD, staff members are in the building daily, yet we are closed to the public. Please give us a call if you need anything at all, want to return library books or even Chromebooks.

The school division decided to let students keep the Chromebooks over the summer to access learning experiences. However, if you do not feel you need your Chromebook, or you are moving, we will gladly accept the return, along with the charging cord. Just send an email or give us a call and we can arrange a time for it to be returned.

On-line registration is active and we are looking for all Kindergarten children to register! Virginia Beach City Public Schools is working on a plan to collect in person documents, but for now if you know of anyone with a rising kindergarten child, or you have one in your household, please register on-line at www.vbschools.com. I hopes that we come back to school in the regularly scheduled manner, we are having ALL DAY Kindergarten this year. We could not be more excited about having those little ones all day.

Please complete the form below regarding your intentions to return to our school. It is important for us to get a count as we are starting to think about class arrangements for next year.

It may be rainy, but it should be warm. Perfect weather for puddle splashing and jumping outside this weekend.

Enjoy and have a great Dey Day!

Mrs. Bianchi


WJBD News-Morning Announcements, Friday, May 29

5 29 Friday Announcements

From Dr. Spence-VBCPS Superintendent

As you have likely heard by now, Virginia’s governor has mandated face coverings be worn inside all public buildings. Specifically, according to Executive Order Number 63, “All patrons in the Commonwealth aged ten and over shall when entering, exiting, traveling through, and spending time inside the settings listed below cover their mouth and nose with a face covering, as described and recommended by the CDC.” While the order does not specifically address school buildings, we are committed to complying with the executive order and keeping our facilities and our community safe.

Therefore, as of tomorrow, Friday, May 29, visitors to all VBCPS schools or administrative buildings must wear face coverings while conducting business. A face covering includes anything that covers your nose and mouth, such as a mask, scarf or bandanna. If you are unable to wear a face covering due to a medical condition, please contact the school before your visit so that accommodations can be made for your safety.

VBCPS employees will also be wearing face coverings as they enter and exit buildings and when in common areas where social distancing can’t be maintained. Those employees who have regular contact with the public---such as security assistants, food service staff and receptionists--- will be wearing a face covering while performing their job functions.

Extended School Year Services
For students with disabilities who are eligible for extended school year (ESY) services during the summer of 2020, case managers are in the process of contacting parents. In addition, for students who required additional data to determine the need for ESY services, IEP teams will be holding meetings to review data and determine what services each child may require.

Remembering 5/31
As a reminder, this weekend marks the first anniversary of the mass shooting at the Virginia Beach Municipal Center. The VB Strong Center has developed a number of events to honor the memory of the victims, and the City of Virginia Beach has asked that we all participate in a moment of silence this Friday at 4:06 p.m. This Sunday, May 31, at 4:06 p.m., there will be a virtual remembrance ceremony on loveforvb.com. You’re also invited to leave your white or blue-colored porch light on that evening.

This information and more, along with a new Deskside Chat with Dr. Spence, is available on our website, vbschools.com/COVID19.

Thank you for your support of Virginia Beach City Public Schools.

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VBCPS invites the community to wear blue Friday, May 29, to remember the victims of 5/31.


The first grade teachers would like to welcome all of the first grade families to a drive-thru end of the year celebration. We have missed everyone so much and although we still can’t be together, we’d love to wish you the best as you soar into second grade. Hoping you will join us, June 10th, 5:00 at the front of John B.Dey!
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RICHMOND, Va. (WAVY) — Gov. Ralph Northam says Virginians ages 10 and up will be required to wear face coverings inside all brick and mortar stores, salons and barbershops, on public transportation and more starting this Friday, May 29.

Northam made the announcement during Tuesday’s press conference in Richmond, after hinting at the requirement at last Friday’s presser.

“I am taking this step because science increasingly shows us that the virus spreads less easily when everyone is wearing face coverings,” Northam said.

Face coverings will also be required inside restaurants, except when eating or drinking, Northam says. Those exercising outdoors (gyms and fitness centers are still closed for indoor exercise) will not be required to wear coverings, as well as those with medical conditions that prohibit face coverings.

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  • Tuesday, June 9: Fifth Grade Drive-Thru Graduation - 4:30 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.
  • Wednesday, June 10: First Grade Celebration Parade 5:00 pm-6:00 pm
  • Friday, June 12: Last day of school for students- Happy Summer SEAGULLS!
  • June 21: Happy Father's Day!
  • June 22: Report cards mailed home
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Let's end this year with some fun-we need it! Participate in the spirit week and send your pictures to Mrs. Hardesty for the news and to Mr. Jumper for the JBD Facebook Page!



Fanatic Friday! Show your JBD SPIRIT! GO SEAGULLS!!!!! WOOT WOOT!

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All members of the JBD PTA are invited to the virtual June general membership meeting.

DATE: June 3, 2020

TIME: 2:00pm

WHERE: online

Google Meet information:

We will be voting on the new Executive Board, budget amendments and discussing updated bylaws (see below).


GIFT TO SCHOOL 2019-2020

The PTA’s Gift to School was voted on and approved at the general membership meeting dated Tuesday, February 18, 2020. Below is from the meeting minutes.

The board has approved the following items as a gift to school.

1. 6 benches and 3 bird houses to be purchased from Sunshine and Sweet Pea's to adorn the courtyard (this will be the same bench that's at the front of the school but in various fun and bright colors).

2. A general "pot" of funds to be reserved for teachers; following an approved proposal would have the funds needed for grade specific items that all teachers in that grade can enjoy.

3. Science materials and learning aids for science labs.

Motion to approve the Gift to School as listed Lisa Flanagan

Second Jenn Sadler

The vote passed, and the Gift to School has been approved.

~The six (6) benches and three (3) birdhouses were purchased from Sunshine & Sweet Pea’s on May 7, 2020 for a total cost of $3,520.00

~Mrs. Bianchi created a team of teachers to assist with the purchase of science supplies the entire school can utilize. The team has created a list of the science materials they would like to purchase from Amazon. Due to the pandemic, Amazon has given priority to items deemed necessary and essential. At this time, many of the science items are not available for purchase. As the pandemic and lockdowns ease, we will be able to make the purchase – hopefully over the summer so the supplies are available for use by September.

  • I propose to set a spending limit on the science items of $8,000.

~Due to the pandemic, the entire country is experiencing an extreme financial downturn. We are feeling it locally with unemployment, salary decreases and wage freezes. The Virginia Beach Council Treasurer has advised area treasurers to be extremely frugal during the next school year and possibly the next two school years. As a PTA, we have decided to put all fundraising on hold.

  • I propose to eliminate the “general pot of funds” for the teachers to spend (#2 above).

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It is time to vote for next year's PTA Executive Board. The following PTA members have graciously volunteered their time to help lead the PTA for 2020-2021:

President: Shell Smith

Vice President/Programs - Jeannie Gray

Vice President/Membership - Sarah Winstead

Secretary - Ashley Cizerle

Treasurer - Jenny Sessoms

We will vote on he new slate of Officers at the PTA General Membership Meeting on June 3rd at 2:00 pm.

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Join us in celebrating your “SMOOTH RIDE” from JBD to Middle School!

Due to Coronavirus restrictions, our Fifth Grade Moving On Ceremony is going to look a little different this year. Please join us for a “DRIVE THRU” celebration on Tuesday, June 9 (rain date is Wednesday, June 10-same times.)

Please arrive during the window of time specific to your class:

Mrs. Prater and Mr. Cress - 4:30-5:00

Mrs. Coates and Mr. Jumper - 5:00-5:30

Mrs. Cohen and Mrs. Cronauer - 5:30-6:00

Please have your child make a poster/sign with their name to hold out of the window so we know who is arriving and can announce them on the PA system. Feel free to decorate your cars as well. Children are encouraged to wear their blue JBD shirt for this event. Be sure your child is on the passenger side of the car to receive their diploma.

*Parents you will pull into JBD on the Great Neck side of the building. Proceed down the driveway to enter the JBD bus loop (front office side of the building.) If you arrive before your scheduled time, please wait in the GNMS bus loop until the window for your class is available. We ask that all family members REMAIN IN THE CAR due to Covid-19 “social distancing” restrictions.

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After this year's disruptions, keeping up school success routines throughout the summer is especially important. Reading, for example, is a skill that children must practice continually or it will get rusty. Set aside 30 minutes each day for quiet reading with your child. Be sure your family members' daily routines also include physical activity and household responsibilities.


A Very Helpful Resource for School Related Matters Especially When Time to PCS:

School Liaison Officer (SLO) - Serve as the primary point of contact for school-related matters. Represent, inform, and assist Commands. When it’s time to relocate, this person helps the transition go as smoothly as possible for your children in pre-Kindergarten through 12th grade. Getting in contact with your local SLO as soon as possible will take out lots of guesswork for you as the parent.

  • Inbound/outbound school transfer
  • Local schools and boundaries
  • Finding the right school
  • Understanding special education
  • Meeting graduation requirements
  • Finding military and local support services
  • Home-school support
  • Preparing for college and scholarship information
  • Deployment Support,
  • Parent Workshops
  • School District Professional Development and Military Interstate Compact Compliance Support

Youth Sponsorship Program - For our elementary, preteen, and teen community, the program adds in an element of social support. It strives to make contact with youth before they move, so when they arrive, they can immediately connect with peers who are already participating in the installation, school, or community programs. Connect through your School Liaison Officer for School-Based Programs and your Youth Program for installation programs.

  • Army - has one on each of its installations, who serve the Active, National Guard/Army Reserve/ Accessions Commands and geographically dispersed Families within a one-hour distance of their installation.

Download the Army School Liaison Officer Directory or call Child, Youth and School (CYs) Services.

  • Marine Corps - support transitioning families in obtaining educational information and assistance from local school districts. The USMC SL role is very comprehensive and is adapted at each installation according to the needs of the community.

Download the Marine Corps School Liaisons Directory.

  • Navy - implementing K-12 support to military families through Child and Youth Education Services at all major Navy installations.

Download the Navy School Liaison Directory or feel free to contact the Officers through the local Child and Youth Programs office, Fleet and Family Support Center.

  • Air Force - Child & Youth Education Services - School Liaisons are located at each installation and are the central point of contact for commanders, military families, and local school systems on school-related matters for grades Pre-K-12.

Download the Air Force School Liaison directory here or feel free to call/visit the Child & Youth Programs on any Air Force Installation for more information.

  • Coast Guard - Family Resource Specialists (FRS) and/or Child Development Service Specialists (CDSS) are available at each Health, Safety & Work-Life - Regional Practice to assist with school related issues. Please contact the FRS or CDSS on your Regional Work-Life staff at 1-800-872-4957 or visit the School Liaison Program webpage for more information.

Download the U.S. Coast Guard - School Deployment and the Military Child brochure.