Jackie Robinson

Joins the Brooklyn Dodgers

The color barrier has been broken

On April 15th, 1947 the color barrier in sports has been broken! Jackie Robinson is now the first African American to enter the Major League Baseball League. The Brooklyn Dodgers signed him not only for his talent but how he handled racism and that showed the organization what type of man he was off the field. At this time the civil rights movement was just starting and he carried himself with a type of energy that nobody was going to bring him down. This brought great confidence to the African American race and made them want to pursuit their dreams and inspired them to want to play such sports as basketball as well as football. But that didn't mean the whites still weren't going to be discriminant towards them, Jackies first game people were shouting slurs at him and calling his white teammates "N" word lovers and calling Jackie the same as well, which will stress people out and he had a lot of stress because of it. Yes a lot more African Americans still inspired by him and have dominated Basketball, and Football. It personally inspired me because it shows that anything is possible through school.