and why you should get it

some reasons are to get it is...

  • One is that you can use the new control panel, Its useful, productive, and time saving.
  • Another is that there is the super easy to use camera app.
  • They have also redesigned the typography and considered even the tiniest details.
  • and the new translucency gives you a since of your context.
  • Its so cool even the smallest change can effect your entire iPhone for instance if you change your back ground your whole phone will look different.
  • now the notification center is accessible from the lock screen.
  • Some people like the new safari app and the layout.

There are some reasons not to get ios 7...

  • Some apps won't be compatible right away.
  • There isn't a jailbreak available (yet).
  • Expect a few bugs and quirks in the first few weeks.
  • Older devices may experience sluggishness.
  • Down grading the ios 7 is next to impossible.
  • The apps look bad.
  • A lot of people cant stand the music app layout.
  • It also takes time to upgrade it.

You decide if you want it or not, but you should also consider the following.

I would get the ios 7 update because it aloes much more for you to do.

another is the new control is useful and "fun to use!" as some people say.

There is also the new camera set up and app store.