Canada's Foreign Trade

Chapter 34 Review

Minds on: Canada's trade connections

What do you already know about Canada's international trade? Think about who we are trading with and what we are trading.

What do I want to know about Canada's trade?

How will I find out more?

Canada's Top Exports- Minerals & Knowledge

Canada is emerging as a nation who's individual's have an excellent knowledge of the financial sector. This is changing our role internationally. After watching the video, identify some of Canada's most important exports. Brainstorm with your group what jobs will be in demand once you graduate post-secondary school. You can use your devices to search as well!

Video T-chart: Analyzing the World Trade Organization (WTO)

Create a T-chart before viewing the video. In one column record the positive effects of the WTO, while in the other record the negative effects of the WTO. You view the video on your device as well.
GATT and WTO - Social Studies

Chapter 34 Review

Read chapter 34 of the text. Define the key words on page 455.

Answer the following questions on page 464:

1. a, b, c & d

2. a

4. c

6. a & c

Consolidation: review

What are the three most important ideas I learned?

What are two things I would like to know more about?