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August 28, 2020

Principal Post

Ok team, we are ready to start school for the second time. We started virtually, and now we transition to in person. It is exhausting keeping up with all our openings! Great job this week continuing with online instruction while getting rooms and lessons ready for in person. You are doing great work.

I've been thinking about the closing circle from Wednesday's faculty meeting. It was really uplifting to hear the many things that each of you shared with the group. In reflection, I too am so very proud of the resiliency of our parents, students, and in our professional community as we have come together for this major educational lift. I sometimes wonder if in moments of stress the collective good is noticed or appreciated. Speaking totally for myself, and as this is my section of the newsletter I can do that, I really enjoyed listening to your reflections. It helped me get above all the gobbly gook of planning, answering questions, and making decisions, to hear about the great things that were happening around us daily.

This newsletter will have a lot of information regarding some of the other things that we haven't gotten to because we've been wrapped up in figuring out school with the influence of Covid. My apologies if this is overwhelming, but these are things that I think we need to have on our radar as we move forward but just haven't had time with all the other things going on at school. So here we go, buckle up, and breathe deep.

Behavior committee updates

  • CICO folks will be in contact with you if they haven't already regarding people in your class who will be on CICO. It will all be digital. Teachers will need to have check ins with the CICO students to put in their behavior on the chart throughout the day as indicated by the chart. Remember that the conversations with our students will be the powerful element and the biggest driver in helping students improve their behavior.
  • Stokely will provide a two week summary report to all CICO homeroom teachers to be sent home to share with parents. Please make sure that gets in student folders to go home, an alert on Dojo to let parents know it is there would also be helpful.
  • We will have the fall screener for students during the week of the 21st of September. IF you have a child who needs support before we take the screener and is not on our current CICO list please complete this form. this from can be used all year if you need someone considered for CICO/extra support. The Behavior Committee will review the from, meet with you/team of teachers, and create a plan to address behavior concerns.
  • We will continue to use the same system as last year if you need support for a student during the day. If you need someone to push in to your room to support please state "I have a Tier 1 in room ___. (Initials of child)." We would want to do this first to keep students in the classroom. If you need a student removed from a class to take a break it would be the same call on the radio but the person would call for a Tier 2.
  • 9 weeks behavior celebrations will look different than in the past. We will have them, but they will not be in large groups. We will have a celebration for the first quarter and it will be scheduled for the week before fall break. We will likely be looking for a movie party with popcorn in your classroom, or Popsicle/ice cream treat. It would be have to be in family units. More information to follow.
  • Speaking of 9 weeks party, we need all grade levels to set the criteria for what they will use this year in order to determine who is eligible for the event. It might be the same as last year, or could be different now that we are all using dojo. Please complete this form with your team by next Wednesday, September 2, 2020. When you are done please place it in the Lincoln Shared Drive in the folder called "Grade Level Behavior Plans".
  • Below is the Lincoln Behavior Flow Chart. Take a moment and look over the document. It has been a while since we revisited the flow chart. If you have any questions please ask.
  • We will have our 20-21 Google doc up and running soon. We'll let you know when it is ready.

Committee Work

Parent engagement is part of our vision and an area that we have made great gains in over the past year. We saw an increase in family attendance at many events in our building last school year. This year will be a challenge as for the foreseeable future we can't have parents inside the building and it is recommenced that all family engagement events be virtual or held outside. We will need our creative thinking caps on as we plan events this year. The link here will take you to the form to sign up to support one committee this school year.

We likely can't have a "math night" or a "reading night", however we need to think about what can we do to increase parents understanding of the curriculum or what they can do at home to increase student achievement using a different modality? Everyone must sign up for one committee, but you are welcome to help in more than one if you are interested.


Just an update on recess. To help you provide a structured and fun recess for your class, Martha will be providing some equipment for students to use when they are not on the actual playground. We hope to have kick balls, maybe a soccer ball, hula hoops and jump ropes. We will also have a spray bottle outside with the equipment. It will need to be the teachers responsibility to ensure that all materials were used are sanitized and put back in the storage container for the next grade to use. We will keep the bin close to the building near the door by the gym.

Information From The Nurse

As discussed several weeks ago we have a list to help you identify what now constitutes a nurse visit and what doesn't. From recent conversations with Brandy restrictions and new approaches to address Covid will continue to impact the functions of nurses office. Please use the attached document to determine when to send someone to the nurse and when to treat the person in your classroom.

Helping students greet each other

We all know that most of our lions are Huggers. We have a few "Melissa Rivers" in the bunch, but for the most part our kids like to hug. The behavior team will be creating a video to help kids see options for greetings, and we will be posting pictures of greeting alternatives around the building to help give students options when greeting each other. Please use ideas from the poster to help reinforce your children safely greeting others at school.
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FAQ Document

Thank you to those who continue to put questions in our Lincoln FAQ. Jennifer and I continue to update that throughout the day to keep everyone updated and questions answered. You can access it here

IAs and teachers are encouraged to add questions to this form and check it periodically to stay updated on information that may be helpful to you while you are at Lincoln.


With all the video making and lesson planning for our virtual experience this year we have not had formal PLC meetings as you all have basically had PLCs every day for the past 4 weeks. We will begin our weekly meetings this Tuesday. Videos will be provided for you for the next two weeks and then a rotation of video making will utilized to support our virtual classrooms from a district level.

PLCs for the fall can be spent learning more about and digging into our new/"old" curriculum, reviewing student data and using that for instructional decision making (groups, materials, etc), or reviewing any professional articles/materials and discussing as a group. Eventually we can also use this time for planning PBL---but that is a ways off right now.

Please discuss with your group what you all would like to focus on this Tuesday and send that to Shasta, copying Suzanne and Jennifer. Our hope is for you all to send what you would like to focus on to Shasta, Suzanne and Jennifer by Friday of the week before. We know that being intentional in what we do will result in better traction with our kids/instruction.

For this week please let us know where you will be meeting so we can be there on time!

Masks and Distance

Guidance from the district is located at the bottom of this segment regarding addressing students who will not wear a mask. I feel strongly that we will not encounter this problem to a great degree. It is very important that we set an expectation and understanding in our building that mask wearing is part of being Respectful, Responsible, Trustworthy and Safe. Lincoln Lions look out for our community and make sure that we keep our neighbors safe and they work to keep it safe for us too! We wear masks! We want to work with our students to wear masks. That is a restorative approach and one that creates a positive climate and culture of people working together. Please take time to recognize and praise students who are working hard to wear a mask all day. Acknowledging that it is hard to wear a mask, but that you are proud of students who persevere and wear it even when it is uncomfortable/hot. I see Pawsome stickers being used to help in this endeavor.

The other item to remember is that the yellow zone looks for 6 feet distance as much as it is possible. There will be times that that is difficult. But if we can avoid close contact at all times that would be outstanding. That includes us as adults. Please be vigilant with remaining 6 feet apart in PLC meetings, in the work room, or in any space in the building really so we can ensure as few contacts as possible between staff.

Breaking news that will be official to parents around 2:00 this afternoon:

KCS Procedures for mask wearing by students

Per the Kingsport City Schools Operations Manual - Framework for Opening the 2020-21 School Year, all students are required to appropriately wear face masks while indoors (exceptions could apply in courses such as wellness and band).

In the event a student is not wearing a mask:

  • Teachers/staff members should offer a face covering to students who do not have one.

  • If the student will not comply with wearing a mask when offered, please contact a school administrator and send to the office per school procedures.

  • Administrator will discuss with the student the importance of mask wearing and why the individual student is not wearing a mask or not willing to accept a mask to be worn. If a medical reason is given, verify with the student’s guardian. Administrators may need to ask for medical documentation to be provided if not currently on file in the clinic and deemed necessary..

  • If no medical reason is given, the administrator will offer the student a face covering. If the student accepts and wears the mask, the student will return to class. If the student continues to refuse to wear a mask, please request a guardian pick them up from school. This will be logged as a conduct entry in Aspen.

  • Inform the guardian and the student that face coverings are mandated and if not worn, students must remain at home.

  • Students who have ongoing issues with mask wearing may be transitioned to Remote Choice Learning.

Procedures for not wearing a mask at school:

  • First offense - Warning and home if non-compliant

  • Second offense - Warning and home if non-compliant

  • Third offense - ISS and home if non-compliant

  • 4th offense - OSS 1 day

  • 5th offense - Transition to Remote Choice Learning

Procedures for not wearing a mask on school bus

  • Offer mask

  • First offense of refusal - warning from driver

  • Second offense of refusal - Formal bus referral with warning - school to contact parent

  • Third offense of refusal - Formal bus referral with one day off bus - school to contact parent

  • Fourth offense - Formal bus referral with 5 days off bus - school to contact parent

  • Fifth offense - Transition to Remote Choice Learning and loss of bus privileges

Videos for next week's Canvas lessons

Videos for next week are in the drive (same place where the WAAG is housed for the week). There are 1-2 videos still in production but they will be there by the end of the day. Major kudos and an abundance of "Thank Yous" to our InDes, Pam, and Emily for their incredible work this week.

Data Binders

We are continuing with data binders this year. If you have not moved binders up to the receiving grade/have not received them from the previous grade, please make arrangements to do this. **5th grade can move binders down to K** Now that we are face to face we will be continuing with using this tool to help students be more engaged in their own education.

We are going to move to student lead conferences in the spring. More information will be coming soon regarding that transition. In the meantime, set aside time in the coming weeks to set up and organize your binders for this year with your students. We will need to store our RCL student binders until they join us again but for our F2F students we can get started on using them.

QR Codes and ID numbers from the Cafeteria

Teachers, you all should have received QR codes/bar codes for each of your students in your mailboxes from the cafeteria. Please see Beverly or email her if you have not received them. She would like these to be laminated if possible to help with the lunch flow. Thanks for your work to make lunch a success.

Lincoln Lions Are

Respectful, Responsible, Trustworthy, and Safe

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