Define Muscular System


Muscle system

It helps you move, pumps your blood, helps you digest food and even helps you breathe.


•. Attaches to bones to provide voluntary movement.

•. During contractions provide heat and energy.

•Helps maintain posture.

•. Some protect internal organs.

Tissue types

There are three tissue types

1. skeletal muscle

2. cardiac muscle

3.smooth muscle

Energy form used

They work in Pairs either contracting (shortening) or extending (lengthening).

Assisting or accessory organs/tissues

Connective tissue is what holds the fibers together so they don't fall apart. A stretchable material called a tendon is what connects the muscles to your bones.

Response type

–Muscles contract

This produces thermal energy, and it uses chemical energy.

–Over time, muscles become larger or smaller, depending on how much work they do.

Interesting facts

  1. Your most active muscles are those in your eyes. They move more than 100,000 times a day.

Types of movements & definitions of attachment

Movement- Adduction, Abduction, Flexion (Flexor, Extension ( Extensor), Rotation, Sphincters

Attachment:Achilles Tendon,lumbodorsal fascia, Fascia,lumbodorsal fascia & Insertion

Origin ~ When a muscle attaches to the bone, the end doesn’t move.