The moai

By: Blake Ruble


The moai are mysterious heads found on Easter island, Pacific Ocean. They were created by a single family who made over 200 of them. Most of them still exist today. The moai are one of the most visited places in the world today. Many people such as scientist try and figure out why they were made and how they were made


Did you know that the moai were stone human heads on Easter Island. Well they are nobody really knows how they got there but there, are a lot of theroys about how they got there. Some people think just a single family built over 200 of them. Others think a whole tribe of people build them. The main question on the table is how and why were the moai built?

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How were the the moai built? Why were they built? The moai were made out of volcanic ash which they collected on Easter Island when the volcano erupted. They used the ash to create hundreds of heads. ( They used stone pick axes to carve the heads. (Livescience) The moai were actually built to represent human figures hundreds of years ago. Archeologist still really dont know why the moai we're built. (


Overall we still really dont know how the moai go the Easter Island or if they were even made by a single family or not. We have many theroys and on how and why they were built, but the moai will always be a mystery to all humans and archeologist.