Club 45 At Home

Week 20, July 24-30

Worship together in person, online, or both!

Hello Club 45 family.

Outdoor worship continues on Sundays at 10am. Online church is at 6pm Saturdays, and 9 and 11am Sundays. Our Sunday Club 45 Zoom is at 11:00am. If you'd like to join in-person worship, and want to join the Club 45 Zoom, there's usually a wifi signal to be found outside the building. You just need to maintain 6 feet of distance while on the church property. We look forward to seeing you in person, online or both!

Just a reminder that you will need to register for the outdoor worship (limit 250). Here's the link: In Person Outdoor Service July 26 10am.

This week, we continue our series about the Kingdom of God...something Jesus talked a lot about! Read on for the Club 45 at home lesson.

Love you all!

Andrea, Tom and Aaron

Gather up some family and let's do Club 45 at home!

You're the expert on Club 45, so you be the teacher! Below is the lesson we had scheduled for this Sunday. Go through all the parts together wherever you are today.
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Circle Time

Alright everyone, time to begin! Answer the following questions with your family:

  • Your name
  • Your number from 1-4 that tells us how you are...1 is not so good, 4 is great.
  • We’ve talked about how Jesus speaks his truth about who we are to us. Imagine Jesus sitting next to you, describing you and how important you are to him. What’s the first word he would use? Give Jesus 30-60 seconds to speak with you, and then share what you heard with your fam!

The Kingdom of God

Last week we started by learning about God’s kingdom, how God and his kingdom are present all the time. We talked about how Jesus is the king of God’s kingdom and that the coming of God’s kingdom is EXCITING; God’s kingdom is GOOD NEWS! We learned that in God’s kingdom people hear and feel the good news of Jesus’ presence, are being set free, and are being healed. Today we’re going to learn that God’s kingdom is both NOW and NOT YET and what that means for us.

Find it in the Bible

Jesus loved to tell people about the Kingdom of God. He would say things like “The Kingdom of God is near” (Mark 1:15) and “The Kingdom of God is among you” (Luke 17:20-21). Sometimes the people couldn’t figure it out. Where were the castles? Where was the king’s army? Jesus knew they didn’t understand. He told them, “The kingdom of God will NOT come in a way you can easily see.”

Let’s talk about the NOW of God’s kingdom. Jesus showed that God’s kingdom was here now by doin’ the stuff, doing what he saw his Father doing.

In a physical Bible, or in a Bible app like YouVersion, read the following verses: John 9:1-7.

  • How did Jesus show God’s kingdom was NOW with the blind man?

The NOT YET of God’s kingdom

But sometimes people stay sick. Sometimes people feel hopeless. There are poor people, sick people, and sad people still in our world. In the Bible, we read about how Jesus’ friend, Paul, prayed three times to be healed and God did not heal him. We also read about how another friend of Jesus, James, was killed because he told others about Jesus. Why do these bad things happen? Because God’s kingdom is also “NOT YET.” Jesus didn’t heal everyone. He promised he would come back AND THEN the kingdom of God would make everything right.

Look up John 16:33 and read it together.

  • How do Jesus' words encourage us when miracles aren't happening yet?

Let's listen to Aaron tell us a story!

Kingdom of God, story video 2

Worship Time

This is your time to just stop and sing to Jesus with your family. You can play a favorite worship song on your instrument or stream it and sing along. This is a time for you and your family to enjoy Jesus and meet him through song. Here's one that we sang together last Sunday. Sing it out to Jesus with whatever you've got!

King Of My Heart (May 31, 2020)

Quiet time - just you and Jesus

We can meet Jesus HERE and NOW just by quietly listening to him and talking to him.

What does this look like? The purpose is to take a few minutes of silence and allow ourselves to just connect with Jesus and let Him speak to us. It’s a time to practice being in His presence, to slow down, practice hearing His voice and experience/feeling His presence.

Our lives are full of so much noise and activity that sometimes it’s nice to just stop and listen for Jesus. You can get comfortable, close your eyes and picture yourself with Jesus. Maybe picture you and Jesus by a lake, or sitting together on a rock, or curb, or in a flower patch. If you don’t have a picture, ask Jesus for one and he will show you! When we picture ourselves with Jesus in some way it helps our mind to focus on him instead of the other places our mind goes to like I’m hungry, I want to go home, I can’t wait to play with my friends later, or I love pizza and unicorns!

Settle in with Jesus and talk with him. He loves to hear from you and it’s the best part of his day to be with you in this way. Tell him your thoughts, your fears, your worries, your dreams, hopes….just like a best friend….he wants to hear it all.

Sometimes you will feel Jesus in different ways. Maybe he gives you his thoughts on something like someone just put in your brain what they think…that’s Jesus. You may feel His peace like a warm heavy blanket was just put on you. Maybe you have a picture come to your mind. We all experience Jesus in different ways.


Communion is the family meal where we get together and remember that Jesus is our forever Passover lamb. Like the Israelites in the Old Testament, who lived because of the shed blood of the lamb on their doorpost, we live forever with Jesus because of his finished work on the cross.

Read 1 Corinthians 11:23-26, and then take the elements (usually a cracker and juice, but do whatever works!) with your family. Do this in memory of the Jesus who’s paid the greatest price for you, his greatest treasure.

Pray for each other

        • As a family, check in with each other, what’s Jesus saying?
        • Ask your family members if there are any prayer requests that they have and pray for those. Take a risk and ask them if they’d be okay with you praying for them RIGHT NOW as you sit together.
        • Ask if any of your family members needs healing in their bodies? Sick, allergies, cuts, bruises, runny nose, etc. Again, take the risk and ask if they’re okay with you praying for them RIGHT NOW as you sit together.

        Get in Touch!

        We miss you all and would love to hear from you by phone or email.