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Richland Elementary

Week of January 19-22, 2016

Understanding the Power of Differentiated Instruction

  • "Few would argue that opportunity in life is strongly connected with educational opportunity. However, we have often misconstrued the notion of equal access to education to mean that all students should receive precisely the same pacing, resources, and instruction. The results is a one-size-fits-all education system. Differentiated instruction recognizes that students are not the same and that access to equal education necessarily means that, given a certain goal, each students should be provided resources, instruction, and support to help them meet that objective." - John Stroup, University of Virginia doctoral student.

As a campus full of students with varying backgrounds and educational strengths and weakness we are constantly seeking to be in position to support their learning. We will focus over the next several weeks on understanding the why behind differentiation and how to best apply those strategies to best impact our instruction.

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Key Elements of Differentiated Instruction

  • Content: The knowledge, understanding, and skills we want students to learn.
  • Process: How students come to understand or make sense of the content.
  • Product: How students demonstrate what they have come to know, understand, and are able to do after an extended period of learning.
  • Affect: How student's emotions and feelings impact their learning.
  • Readiness: A student's current proximity to specified knowledge, understanding, and skills.
  • Interest: That which engages the attention, curiosity, and involvement of a student.

Week at a Glance

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January Babies

  • 1/09 - Emily Martin
  • 1/11 - Rebeca Henriquez
  • 1/13 - Lynn Guion
  • 1/28 - Alyssa Metcalf
  • 1/31 - Jeni Dillingham