By Adrian Snatos, Jasjot Parmar,Jose Mexca, Jose Santos

About Our Story:

Hello everyone! Our team is, Gamers.Delight, we are first time video game makers, artists,and musicians with professional training. We are planning to make an RPG Rom-com adventure game. Our team has got this idea from playing various RPG games and personal experience and research on mainstream gaming. Our timeline to create this is 4 days for a demo and 8 months for full game development. Our budget is $10,000 dollars. This is divided into 3 sections: $2,000 for the software, $1,000 for art and design and finally, $7,000 for company and living expenses. Gamers.Delight pure motivation is to give diversity to modern and classic gaming using this old gaming genre


Our project is based on creating an RPG (Role Playing Game) that is simple for anyone to play but also revolutionary. In order to make our project possible we aren’t asking for much, but if people fund large amounts of money we will introduce newer aspects that will make people engaged in this game. Also, with each amount of funds we will benefit our donators accordingly based on certain amounts. Overall, for our project we are asking for $10,000.

We as a team have the following expenses:

-$2,000 dollars will be used for the software used to make our game.

-$1,000 dollars will go to the art and design of our game

-$7,000 dollars will be used to keep our company stable.

Our companies’ main focus is to appeal to many gamers old and new. The cost of our game will be $15 on the steam store.Our company will try to bring a minimum of 500 to 1,000 backers for our project, so if we receive more backers we can include more and more things to improve our game as well as benefit you guys the funders of our project.

In case of exceeding our goal additional funds will be used to:

-Add new levels to our game

-Improve game stability

-Provide merchandise for our funders.

- Further advertise our game

Rewards Program:

10$ - Name In Credits and Special “Thank You” from all of us

50$ - Get to converse with us and give your idea + 10$ rewards

150$ - Get custom ingame content (of your choice) + 50$ rewards

350$ - Special one to one interactivity with the game’s development + 150$ rewards

Stretch Goals:

As our pledge total increases, we have the chance to unlock more stuff for backers. Each time we reach a target dollar value, a stretch goal will unlock, awarding new items for the backers!

-$7,500 would grant a story pack to extend our storyline

-$10,000 would grant new characters for the users

-$12,500 would unlock new gear added in our game


-Go livestream on facebook and share our idea..

-Show it to all the people on social media to get funds

-Tell our gamers friends to spread the voice

-Meet with people to tell them about our game and answer questions

- That VideoGame Blog, is a website for gamers that share new viedeo games.

-Create our own website

-Create a youtube channel and post 4 videos of us telling our story.

Thank You!!! For checking out our game we hope you donate so you can experience a revolutionary gaming experience