Piney Woods Texas Ecoregion

By Mari Dunn


For thousand's of years the Caddo Indians lived in this ecoregion making tall bee-hive shaped houses.
Comercial logging altered the balance,changing many things'. From economic,social,political,and also enviornmental. Many good things cam with these changes but alot of bad did too.
(After Texas won it's independence,and having no finacial structure,Texas sold alot of its land.)

Outdoor Activities!

National Parks and State Parks also Major Lakes

-Big Thickette National Park
-Tyler State Park
-Dinosoaur Valley State Park
-Lake Livingston
-Striker Reservoir
-Lake Murvaul

Places to go too

-Ellen Trout Zoo
-Crighton Theatre
-Grapeland Drive Thru Safari
-Jefferson Historical Museum
-Sam Houston Visito Center