High Plains in Northwest Texas

Savonnah Lewis 4th 12/3/14

Outdoor Activities

There are many outdoor activities to do in the High Plains such as hiking, horse back riding, and climbing. You can also tour the Wheeler County.

National Parks and Sight Seeing

One of the national parks in the high plains is Wind Cave national park. Palo Duro Canyon, Route 66/Amarillo, and Cadillac Ranch are some of the Sight Seeing attractions in the High Plains.

Bodies of Water

Check out the view at the Red River, Pecos River, Canadian River, Colorado River, and Brazos River.

Historical Places

You can visit many museums such as Carson County Square House museum, Devil's Rope Barbed Wire museum which is dedicated to the fence that tamed the west, Panhandle museum which is the largest historical museum, River Valley Pioneer museum, and Alibates Flint Quarry Monument.

State Parks

There are plenty of State Parks to visit including Palo Duro Canyon State park, Caprock State Park, Copper Breaks State park , Big spring State park, and Lake Colorado State park.
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Historical information on the High Plains

Llano Estacado means staked plains some people believe the name is from Spanish explorers who tied their horses to stakes to keep them from wandering off. The city of Amarillo became the cultural center of the Panhandle because of the Terran-dictated route. Oil gas was first tapped in the panhandle when Millard Nobles and several associates founded the Amarillo oil company and drilling began.
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