A Christmas Carol

Read this book today!!

The well known classic novel, A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, is a story of a crabby man, Scrooge, who reflects on events in his past. Scrooge hopes to change his actions before it is to late. At the start of the story, the reader sees Scrooge as a selfish, careless, & reckless person. Scrooge spent more time thinking about himself than others. The thought of this made me think of him in a bad way, but as I kept reading I hoped that his behaviors would change. About half way through the book, there is ghosts that are there to help Scrooge look at his past & future. In addition, the readers can create a visual image of what the ghost look liked when they visited Scrooge. Lastly, the figurative language is a huge factor in A Christmas Carol. The figurative language helps the readers create a visual image while reading the book. In conclusion, you should read this book because the classic is filled with figurative language. Also, the choices that Scrooge made in the past could sacrifice his future.

Sacrifices Made

In the book A Christmas Carol Scrooge had to sacrifice his selfish, careless, & reckless self into a nice person that everyone wants to be around. A time when I had to sacrifice, was when I choose the spring fling over going to a really fun meet in Chicago, Illinois. I knew that there was only going to be one spring fling, and I knew that there were many more swim meets that I could go to!