Grand Opening of AES

Atlantic Empire of Success


Not only does our staff supply our young men and women with academic activities that will help them excel in any career of their choice, but we also want to focus on making them the most well rounded individuals for the future. Our students will be the leaders of tomorrow, not followers.We want them to stand out from the rest of society. Our students are expected to push past the boundaries and norm that society has laid down.

Bell schedule:


  1. 7:24am/ 8:22am/ 1st Period : Moment of Silence / Pledge
  2. 8:28am/ 9:20am/ 2nd Period
  3. 9:26am/ 10:18am/ 3rd Period
  4. 10:24am/ 11:16am/ 4th Period : Lunch / Guided Study
  5. 11:22am/ 12:14pm/ 5th Period : Lunch / Guided Study
  6. 12:20pm/ 1:12pm/ 6th Period : Lunch / Guided Study
  7. 1:18pm/ 2:10pm/ 7th Period


AES doesn't just get its name from no where. This school was built upon the very grounds wher William Tecumseh Sherman led his very famous march known as "Sherman's March to the Sea"