Southwest Early Childhood Center

2015 National School of Character

Southwest Early Childhood Center

Mission: "With character and knowledge every child will have the tools to be successful."


FURNITURE ORDERING TIME!!! Please email me/Sasha by Tuesday, February 23rd. The board office would like for us to remember the following when compiling your list:

  • Furniture requests need to be limited to replacing broken items, or outfitting

new/added classrooms.

  • We will not be replacing whiteboards and bulletin boards this year. We will only

be outfitting new/additional classrooms (if they do not already have boards).

Reminder of Parent Teacher Conference Protocol:

  1. Teachers send reminders home to families regarding conferences
  2. Fill out form (Go to Google, SWECC Staff, Parent Teacher Conferences, February 2016 Student Led Conferences, and then fill in the form)
  3. 2 weeks of teacher trying to contact (notes in backpack, e-mail, text, phone, etc.)
  4. E-mail Lisa and cc Nicole/Sarah with names of students who still have not conferenced
  5. Lisa will call, text, and do a home visit to schedule (and will document these attempts on Google).
  6. Teachers will either do a home visit or phone conference if parent is unable to make it to Southwest .

Please include in all classroom newsletters:

  • Title Preschool Screening Appointments will be scheduled beginning April 4th. Screening will be Tuesday, May 31st-Friday, June 3rd. Have parents call 659-3026 beginning on April 4th.
  • No School for students on Friday, March 4th due to professional development day
  • Early Dismissal on Wednesday, March 9th for Title I Kiddos (CARS MAY NOT BE LINED UP BEFORE 12:45! WE DISMISS BEGINNING AT 1:15).

On February 25, SWECC is hosting an early childhood character education summit and so far around 30 different people are signed up from various schools. These 30 people will tour SWECC from 9:15-9:45. The group will be in the gym from 9 to 12 so the gym will be closed at this time. If you would like to showcase something in your classroom between 9:15-9:45 please email me by February 19th! You guys are doing great things so let's show it off!

Summer School Info: Summer School applications will be available through Talent Ed from February 24th-April 1st. interested staff will need to apply through Talent Ed during this time frame. A head teacher will be selected. Summer School Salaries: Certified Staff $3000, Clerks who remain until routes clear $2000, paraprofessionals $1540. First round hiring will be determined based on enrollment on April 15th. If additional hiring is needed it will occur for enrollment May 3rd. Dates for Summer School are: Tuesday, May 31st-Thursday, June 23rd. Summer School will be in session a total of 16 days.

Week 1: Tuesday, May 31-Friday, June 2
Week 2: Monday, June 6-Thursday, June 9
Week 3: Monday, June 13-Thursday, June 16
Week 4: Monday, June 20-Thursday, June 23

*Teachers will need to turn in a copy of their certificate with the application in order to be hired for the position. You can access this information from the DESE website by going to: Next go to page of Office of Educator Quality and choose Educator Certification System-Request Educator access. Print off your info and attach it to you application.

Stress Event: Due to conflicts the Stress Event Scheduled for Wednesday, February 17th has been cancelled. The Emotional Stress Event will be held on Thursday, February 25th, 6:30 pm at the Hawthorne Community Room on Amazonas Drive. The final Stress Event is scheduled for Wednesday, March 9th, 6:30 pm, Hawthorne Community Room on Amazonas Drive.

The Cardio Challenge for Change: The final challenge will be held on Saturday, March 19, JCHS gym. We look forward to each school being represented again this year!! If you would like to participate please contact your building champion.

Wellness Activity Points: Please meet with your building champion to review your points earned! Everyone has until March 30, 2016 to complete the 500 points.

Health Screens to everyone that partakes in the JCPS Health Insurance. We offer the Health Screens as an added benefit to each of you. It is a great way to monitor your results from year to year, plus it puts money back in your pocketbook! By participating in the health screens you receive a $30 premium reduction each month! That totals $360 in savings a year! The Health Screens will be held each day at the Dix Road Education Center on the following days:

March 22

March 23

March 24

March 30

To register please use the following link from CRMC

A couple of notes about the screens:

1. If you choose to go to your private physician, please use the attached form and have it faxed to UMR at the number given.

2. Cotenine test- This test will be offered again if you wish to earn 100 points for being Tobacco-free. If you go to your private physician, this test will need to be done at the screens. Everyone will be asked if they wish to have this test and everyone will have to respond yes or no. It is 100% optional.

3. InBody and Waist-to-Hip ratio i will also be taken again. Please know that you will have to take shoes and socks off for the InBody assessment.

4. Please print the waivers that are to be completed and bring them with you. This will help to speed up the process.

There is no I in TEAM!!

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Technology Corner

  • The technology committee needs your input! There is a document in Google drive that allows you to enter any technology questions you might have as well as any ideas you might have about future training topics. You can either check the "tech tips" file in Google Drive or click the link below for a direct link.

    The board is checked every Friday so questions should be answered in about a week's time. If you have a more pressing technology question feel free to contact members of the technology committee: Lisa Dierking, Jennifer Penserum, Tracey Bechtel, Alyssa Famuliner, Lauren Laur and Leigh Ann Martin. If we aren't able to help we can pass along the question to someone who can!

The Power of a Smile...

The Power of a Smile