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Melvin Calvin

  • April 8th 1911

  • Born in Saint Paul MN

  • Died January 8th 1997

  • Died in Berkeley California

  • Awards: Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1961

  • University of Minnesota (1935), Michigan Technological University (1931)

  • Books: Chemical Evolution 1961 Following the Trail of Light 1992 Organic Chemistry of Life 1973

  • Parents: Rose Herwitz Elias Calvin

  • Parents were Russian Immigrants

  • Becomes a professor in 1947

  • Dr. Calvin is married to the former Genevieve Jemtegaard, daughter of Norwegian emigrant parents, they have two daughters, Elin and Karole, and one son, Noel.

-Story of the scientist’s work

  • degree in chemistry at Michigan College of Science and Technology

  • PhD at the University of Minnesota, where he worked with George Glockler on the electron affinity of halogens

    • Leaving Minnesota with his doctorate, Calvin used his own savings to supplement a postdoctoral fellowship from the National Research Council to work for two years with Michael Polány, as Rockefeller Fellow during the 1935–1937 period, at the University of Manchester. His research topic was the interactions between quantum mechanical theory and chemical experimentation, starting with platinum-hydrogen activation systems.Connect the scientist to a branch of Biology

      • Melvin Calvin is concerned a biochemist because that’s what he went into in college.
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Rudolph Marcus


  • nobel prize in chemistry in 1992

    • for his contributions to the theory of electron transfer reactions in chemical systems"

  • born july 21, 1923

    • Montreal, quebec

  • studied theoretical chemistry

  • loved school and parents didn't have a higher education

  • went to McGill university

  • was interested in science and chemistry in high school

  • received his Ph.D at oxford

  • nobel prize for his work on chemical kinetics

  • postdoctoral research fellowship at university at north carolina with Oscar K. Rice

  • in 1978 became an arthur amos noyes professor of chemistry at california institute of technology

Scientific biography:

  • Went to oxford got Ph.D

  • postdoctoral research with oscar k rice

  • after the internship he loved math and science and the theories involved

  • Fortunately for me, Oscar's gamble paid off. Some three months later, I had formulated a particular case of what was later entitled by B. Seymour Rabinovitch, RRKM theory "Rice-Ramsperger-Kassel-Marcus"

  • wrote the 1952 RRKM papers

  • In 1964, I joined the faculty of the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign

  • Awards- Columbia University's Chandler Medal (1983), Professorial Fellowship at University College, Oxford (1975 to 1976), National Medal of Science (1989), Hirschfelder Prize in Chemistry (1993), Nobel prize in chemistry in 1992

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Hans Krebs

Personal Biography:

  • Born August 25th, 1900

  • Born in Germany

  • parents Georg Krebs who was an ear nose and throat surgeon of the city and his mom was Alma Davidson

  • Studied medicine at the Universities of Gottingen

  • Died November 22, 1981

  • Married Margaret Fieldhouse and had two sons and one daughter

  • education-

Humboldt University of Berlin

University of Hamburg

Albert Ludwigs university of Freiburg

  • Awards: - Nobel Prize in Physiology or medicine 1953 for his discovery of the citric acid cycle

  • Scientific Biography:

    • Researched Metabolism

    • Discovered the TricarBoxylic acid cycle (aka. Krebs cycle) which is citric acid cycle

    • also discovered Glyoxylate cycle which is an alternative for the Krebs cycle

    • connected to Biochemistry

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