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Temperate Diciduous Forest


Plants and animals interact with eachother by animals eating the plants that gets energy from the sun. An example of a predator/prey is a bear and a human, or a fox and a mouse. In the deciduouis forest, producers such as insects and bugs are eaten by secondary consumers, like fox's and owls. The secondary consumers are now the prey for Cougers and Bears (tertiary.) As humans think they're helping the environment, usually they are polluting it and/or making it worse. But, as a community, people are starting to take notice and help out the environment.

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Endangered Species in The Temperate Deciduous Forest

One specific animal that stands out being endangered is the Bald Eagle. The Bald Eagle is endangered strictly to the lack of not having a home. Deforestation is wrecking their homes and is leaving them with nothing but themselves.

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Weather and Environment

The weather in Baxter State Park is mild climate, with all four seasons. The best time to visit this park is in mid-to-early fall. Before all the snow and cold weather. As you enter the deciduous forest, animals that you would often see are Moose, Black Bear's, and deer. Plants consist of wildflowers, alpine plants, laurel, and bushes.

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Travel Information

Baxter State Park, Maine, is located in the United States of America. Transportation would consist of plane ride plus a train or taxi to the desired place. The food native to this area include barries of all sorts, acorns, nuts, and lastly american beech. If you were to go to Baxter State Park, you would want to pack the apropriate clothing. Some things you might want to bring would be as listed; T-shirt, shorts, and apropriate shoes. Other appliances you would want to bring are a water bottle, backpack, and some bug spray.

Hiking in Baxter State Park Maine
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